Why do you purchase a 3DMS Evo?

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    12 top reasons for purchasing a 3DMS Evo

    • The 3DMS Evo is cheaper than a laptimer and provides data acquisition basic features: speed of the vehicle, braking and acceleration forces, trajectories
    • It allows to directly connect a peripheral or 2 to 16 peripherals via 1 to 4 hubs (1 inputs to 4 outputs). It uses a single, waterproof and rugged connector
    • Easy to use and install
    • A growing community of bikers have been using it since June 2016 and share their 3DMS data on our Facebook group
    • No need to physically connect your 3DMS Evo because it works in Bluetooth (wireless)
    • Documentation, service and software are available in English and others languages
    • Thanks to its external antenna, 3DMS Evo GPS reception could be improved. Lap timing, speed and trajectories are therefore more accurate
    • The 3DMS Evo enclosure is waterproof compact and sun-readable. It has a Best lap LED and an alarm LED
    • No need to recharge your 3DMS Evo because it is powered by the vehicle battery (only 60mA under 12Vdc). For vehicle not equipped with a battery, you could power it easily with a USB power bank and our USB power cable
    •  All European tracks are available. You can create your own tracks too
    • 3DMS Evo software allows to analyse your data in details and intuitively
    • The riders-enovation.com team offers the diagnostic and the repair of its products to limit the customer cost and reduce its environmental impact.

Purchase your 3DMS Evo




What’s in the box:

  • The 3DMS Evo
  • A power supply cable to connect to the vehicle battery
  • Its mounting accessories (GoPro like)
  • 3 connectors caps
  • 2 vehicle stickers
  • Its mounting notice
  • Eventually its optional accessories or peripherals

Emballage 3DMS Evo


Trajectoire moto 3DMS

Now equipped with your 3DMS Evo, you can record any riding session.

Thanks to its embedded 10 Hz ultra accurate GPS, your 3DMS Evo measures and records:

  • Your lap and intermediates timing,
  • The vehicle trajectory,
  • Its acceleration and deceleration,
  • Its real speed.


The 3DMS Evo compact display allows you to visualize your best lap and last lap timing with 3 modes and a best lap and an alarm LED, its speed, its acceleration and deceleration/braking forces in real time.

Display software interface is currently available in English, Spanish and French.

It also allows:

  • to start and stop data records
  • to analyze your lap timings and your data for each session and each lap
  • to set up: peripherals, LEDs, backlight, Bluetooth connection, …

3DMS Evo vue face avant droite 2


3DMS Evo connections

A range of sensors and output peripherals will be proposed soon on our shop to evolve your 3DMS Evo.

Currently the lean angle sensor is available on our web shop.

You could connect directly 1 peripheral or several peripherals (via 1 or more hubs with 1 input to 4 outputs).

Easy to connect and set up, the peripherals use the same interface and a single connector, rugged and waterproof.

The peripherals to be developped are: RPM sensor, temperatures (coolant, motor, tires…), suspension (front, rear), hydraulic breaking, trottle position sensor (TPS), LED indicators bar, …


3DMS Tools Suite software allows to connect your 3DMS Evo (one or more) to a Windows or MacOs device, to download your records, to analyze it and to update your 3DMS Evo firmware.

3DMS Analyzer allows to analyze your riding skill:

  • Data displayed on graphics
  • 2 laps comparison by overlaying the trajectories on the track and the data on the graphics
  • Best performances by session and by lap
  • Trajectories displayed on satellite view
  • Data export by session and by lap

3DMS Evo Accurate GPS Laptimer

3DMS Monitor is launching on the notification bar and allows to manage 1 or more 3DMS connected to your device and:

  • to manage Bluetooth communication
  • to update it automatically
  • to set up and visualize its status

3DMS Monitor

Track Manager allows:

  • to access to all European tracks and some international tracks,
  • to edit maps characteristics: track width, map orientation, positions and number of intermediates,
  • create your own maps from a trace drawn with Google Earth or from a recording made with your 3DMS.

3DMS Track Manager

Video Perf’ allows:

  • to combine and synchronize a 3DMS recording with a video made with any action camera available on the market,
  • to overlay data on the video,
  • to record your video with the overlayed 3DMS data and share it.


  • Dimensions: 92x62x20mm
  • Weight: 110g
  • Power supply: 12Vdc (vehicle battery) ou 5-15Vdc (external battery)
  • Power consumption on 12Vdc: Power ON 70mA / Power off: 290µA
  • Protection: IPx5
  • Wireless interface: Bluetooth 4.1 Smart Ready
  • Storage memory: >=2Go
  • Number of saved records: 50
  • Number of records on the PC: unlimited
  • Lap timer resolution: 1/100e
  • Acceleration range: -4g / +4g
  • GPS frequency: 10Hz
  • Active internal GPS antenna
  • GPS max speed: thanks to 999km/h
  • Minimum required configuration: Bluetooth 2.1 peripheral, Windows 7, 8 or 10, MacOS 10.13