Our software are free for everyone. If you do not yet own a 3DMS Evo but you want to test its possibilities, you can download our software and try it because our software comes with an example of data file.

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    3DMS Tools Suite

    3DMS Tools Suite

    3DMS Tools Suite includes all necessary software to use your 3DMS Evo. It works on Windows 7/8/10 64 bits and 32 bits and on MacOs >=10.13.

    It includes:

    • 3DMS Monitor, 64 bits or 32 bits depending on your system. Communication software for 3DMS Evo: new data records download, 3DMS status, application parameters, 3DMS firmware update, maps synchronization from PC to 3DMS.
    • All maps. All the maps (track and road) created by Rider’s E-Novation. Each updates of 3DMS Tools Suite includes news and corrected maps.
    • 3DMS Analyzer 64 bits (not available on 32 bits systems). It allows to analyze your recording data in details: performance tab (best lap time, max speed, … for each lap and each session), trajectories on satellite view, charts of all data (speed, throttle/brake, …), data comparison of 2 laps, data export, …
    • 3DMS Video Perf, 64 bits or 32 bits depending on your system. Data overlay on your embedded videos.
    • 3DMS Track Manager 32 bits (works on 64 bits system too): To create and custom the maps (add and move intermediate points for example).
    • 3DMS Data Perf 32 bits (works on 64 bits system too): To analyze your data without internet connection and on black&white outline.

    This new revision includes:

    • 3DMS Monitor :
      • Bug fixed: the new sessions download didn’t appear if the 3DMS disconnected during a data record
      • 3DMS Monitor window opened at the first execution
      • New popup message when the user launch 3DMS Monitor a second time
      • Added language management (French/English) for 3DMS Track Manager, 3DMS Data Perf and 3DMS Video Perf
    • New and updated tracks:
      • France: Muret HGK 2021
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    3DMS Evo firmware update

    3DMS Evo firmware is automatically updated. You just need to connect your 3DMS Evo to your PC by Bluetooth, connect your PC to Internet and start the last revision of 3DMS Monitor. If 3DMS Monitor is already started, you could click on the “Search for firmware updates” button on “About” tab.

    Current firmware versions are:

    • Bluetooth : 1.1.2-184
    • 3DMS Evo :
      • New automatic parameters for GPS antenna. The new “Auto” parameter allows to select the external antenna automatically if it is connected else the internal antenna is selected. A “I” as internal antenna or a “E” as external is displayed next to the GPS level.

    You could see yours 3DMS Evo firmware versions on “System” => “Informations” menu of the display and on the “3DMS status and configuration”tab of 3DMS Monitor.